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This website has been designed to help adult migrants in Australia learn functional English faster! It covers English grammar for beginners, intermediate and advanced-level students. Life to too short. Learn English Faster with us now.
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AlphabetsParts of speechPhrasal Verbs
Days Of WeekNounsModal verbs
MonthsVerbsAmerican vs Australian English
Numbers (cardinal vs ordinal)Subject and Object Pronouns12 most confusing word pairs
FeelingsAdverbsTop 100 misspelt words
Body PartsPronounsWriting using Hemingway's method
WeatherPrepositionsPassive Voice vs Active Voice
MoneyClause vs Phrase vs SentenceHow to write the Perfect Essay
TimeConjunctionsEnglish Proverbs
ColoursDeterminers (definite vs indefinite articles)Suffix - Prefix
FamilyNumbers (ordinal vs cardinal)Top 100 Idioms
Classroom ItemsInfinitve (to) vs Gerund (ing)Reported speech
Road SignsPresent SimpleSynonyms - Antonyms
Food wordsPresent ContinuousHomonyms - Homophones - Homographs
Health wordsPresent PerfectConditionals
Computer wordsPresent Perfect ContinuousRelative Clauses
PronounsPast Simple Top 100 mistakes
AdjectivesPast Continuous
OppositesPast PerfectTop 100 English jokes
Singular vs Plural NounsPast Perfect ContinuousBinomials
Articles (A vs An)Future simpleConditionals
To be (Present simple) Future continuousNoun groups
To haveFuture Perfect Collocations
Any - SomeFuture Perfect Continuous
There is - There areAbbreviations and Acronyms
Have got9 Essential Question Words in English
Good - WellComparative vs Superlative
Many - MuchInstructions
This - ThatAdverbs of frequencyUnderstand the news
These - ThoseDaily routineWord Formation
For - SinceSequencers (First, then, after that, finally..)Zero conditionals
Quantifiers (some, a few, much..) Story GoldilocksFirst Conditional
To be (Past simple) Word OrderSecond conditionals
Third Conditional
Health and Safety Words
100 Common English Words
Grammar TestsGrammar TestsGrammar Tests
English Level TestPresent Simple Tests Advanced Test 1
Grammar Test 2Present Continuous TestsAdvanced Test 2
Present Perfect Tests
Grammar Test 3Grammar Test 3Advanced Test 3
Verb Tenses TestAustralian Citizenship Practice Test
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