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10 useful topics to talk about when doing small talks talk is a light, casual conversation between two people. It helps build confidence and develop social skills. Unfortunately, a lot of people are not comfortable when doing small talks. In this post, we will share 10 useful topics to talk about when doing small talks.


The goal of small talk is to build rapport.

The attitude when engaging in small talks is to build rapport. Respond positively to show you are paying attention and interested in the conversation. Use open-ended questions to initiate small talk, such as asking about someone’s experiences or interests. You can talk about the following topics.


1. Introduce yourself and ask for the other person’s name.

How are you? What’s going on?, How’s things?, What have been up to?


2. Ask about their day or the current weather.

Had a good day so far?, Are you winning?, Had a good weekend?


3. Mention a common interest or shared experience.

Do you like fishing? Are you into sports?, What are you into?


4. Talk about a current event or news story.

Starting a conversation about a current event or news story can be a great way to initiate small talk in a friendly manner. It’s important to be aware of the tone of the conversation and to keep it light and positive. One way to approach this is to ask if the other person has been keeping up with current events and then bring up a specific news story that you found interesting. Another option is to share your own thoughts and reactions to a recent event, and see if the other person has any similar experiences or opinions. Body language and tone of voice also play a big role in how the conversation is perceived, so be mindful of your nonverbal cues.


5. Ask about the other person’s work or job.

What do you do for work? What do you do for a living?


6. Discuss observations of your surroundings, such as the decor of a restaurant or the view from a window.

What a lovely view in your office!


7. Ask open-ended questions about their experiences, such as a recent trip they took.

How was your trip?, What did you do? Who did you go with?


8. Compliment something, such as their outfit or a recent achievement.

Congratulations on your new role, you deserve it!

The colour of your outfit is so stunning, it really suits you,

“You look great wearing that, it’s a fantastic choice.”

This outfit is amazing, it really shows off your impeccable fashion sense.”


9. Share a personal story or anecdote.

Sharing a personal story during a small talk can be a great way to connect with the person you are talking to. It is important to choose a story that fits their values, goals, and interests. It is also a good idea to include all the details, as skipping details might reduce the interest of the listener in the story. Small talk helps to build confidence, make connections, and develop social skills. So, instead of avoiding small talk, it is recommended to overcome the fear of it and try to engage in it regularly.


10. Avoid sensitive topics such as politics, religion, and controversies.

You should avoid talking about controversial or sensitive topics such as politics, religion etc. If you choose to do so, do it in a wise manner.


Remember that the goal of small talk is to build rapport and have a friendly conversation. Try to stay positive, listen actively, and keep the conversation light and enjoyable. 

You can listen and practice small talks here:

Good luck with your small talk!


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