Top 30 misspelt words in English

30 Common Misspelt words in English

We see misspellings in English words every day, and it is not uncommon to see people using the wrong spelling of words in their writing. Misspelt words are often due to a person’s lack of knowledge about the correct spelling or the use of different dialects. In this post, you will learn the 30 most commonly misspelled words in the English language.

Here are some of the most common misspelt words in the English language:

1. twelfth – Many people write ‘twelvth’. It’s ‘twelfth’

2. library – Remember it’s not ‘libruary’, nor ‘liberry’

3. grateful – The word grateful is based on the word gratitude – not the word great. So, keep “great” out of “grateful.” Write ‘grate’ and then ‘ful’.

4. vacuum – Many people write ‘vacum’. Remember it has two ‘u’s.

5. possession – Possession possesses more s’s than a hissing snake. Remember, there are four ‘s’.

6. scissors – Remember to double the letter ‘s’.

7. cemetery – Remember Cemetery ends in -ery. Not ‘ary’

8. dumbbell – The “b” in dumb is silent. Remember there are two b’s.

9. accommodate – Remember there are two c’s and two m’s.

10. consensus – Many people mistakenly think of the word “census.” It’s (con)sensus.

11. embarrass – Spelling this word won’t be a cause for embarrassment if you remember that it’s large enough for a double “r” and a double “s.”

12. existence – People often replace one or both of the e’s in this word with an “a.” Remember that there is no “a” in existence.

13. harass – This word is too small for two sets of double letters, just double the “s” on the end.

14. humorous – Many learners write ‘humourous’. It’s wrong. Write ‘humor’ and then add ‘ous’.

15. indispensable – Remember it ends with ‘able’ – not ‘ible’.

16. inoculate – This word is often misspelled with a double “n”. It has only one “n”

17. jewellery – Not ‘jewelery’!

18. liaison – Remember the “a” is between the two i’s and the /z/ sound is really an “s.”

19. millennium – Remember it has two ‘m’s and two ‘n’s.

20. misspell – Many people mistakenly write ‘mispell’. There are two ‘s’ and two ‘l’s.

21. occasionally – The word “occasionally” refers to something that occurs more than once. So  don’t forget to write two ‘c’s and two ‘l’s.

22. occurrence – Remember not only the occurrence of two pairs of double consonants in this word but also note that the suffix is -ence, not -ance.

23. pronunciation – Many people mistakenly write ‘pronounciation’. Think of a nun.

24. separate – How do you separate the e’s from the a’s in this word? Simply remember that “e” is the first vowel in the article and the last. In other words, the e’s surround the a’s.

25. questionnaire – Remember there are two ‘n’s and don’t forget the silent “e” on the end.

26. receipt – This word has a silent “p.” Remember to finish the word with ‘pt’.

27. recommend – Remember ‘recommend’ has two ‘m’s.

28. relevant – It’s not ‘revelant’, ‘revelent’, or even ‘relevent’. It finishes with ‘ant’.

29. supersede – Remember it’s not ‘supercede’. This is the only English word based on the stem -sede. Supersede combines the Latin words super and sedere, meaning to sit above.

30. success – Remember to write two ‘c’s and double ‘s’.

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