9 Essential Question Words in English

9 Essential Question Words in English

In this post, you will learn the 9 essential question words in English with examples and interactive activities that will allow you to check your answers!

WhatWhen asking for information about something, asking for repetition, or asking for a reason
For example:
What is your name?
What? I can’t hear you!
What can I get you?
What are you looking for?
WhereWhen asking for a place or position
For example:
Where do you come from?
Where do you live?
WhenWhen asking about time.
For example:
When did you come to Australia?
When are you coming to visit me?
WhoWhen asking what or which person or people.
For example:
Who are you looking for?
Who do you go for?
WhyWhen asking for a reason.
For example:
Why did you come to school late?
Why do you want to lose weight?
Why don’t you buy a car?
WhichWhen asking about choice.
For example:
Which one do you like?
Which class are you in?
WhomWhen asking what or which person or object.
For example:
Whom should I speak to?
Whom did you talk to?
WhoseWhen asking about ownership or possession.
Whose bag is this?
Whose turn is it?
HowWhen asking about manner or condition or explaining a process
How can I help you?
How long have you been in Australia?
How much?
How many?
How long?
How far?
How old?
How come?

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