Certificate II in EAL (Access)

Faster English · July 2, 2024

Course Description:

This English-language course is designed for people learning English as an additional language.

It focuses on developing your English-language speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. These skills will help you with everyday communication and community participation. The course will also help you to progress into further English-language study, training or work.

In this English course, you will develop the skills to:

  • engage in short, simple conversations
  • listen to and give information and directions
  • read and write simple messages and stories
  • use a computer to create documents
  • explore community services
  • work with simple numbers and money.

Learning Outcomes:

The Certificate II in EAL (Access) focuses on developing simple English language speaking, listening, reading and writing skills for everyday communication and community participation to enable participants to move into further English language education, vocational training, or a combination of both, or employment. The course is intended to provide participants with the following education outcomes:

  • responding to simple texts in different genres such as information and instructions
  • conventions of writing simple texts
  • features and conventions of simple written texts and conversations
  • simple text and grammatical structures
  • paralinguistic features to support communication
  • simple vocabulary for different purposes and contexts.

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Course Includes

  • 8 Lessons