Interesting facts about the Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup is an annual horse race that is run on the first Tuesday in November at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne. It is a very important event in Australia. It is a public holiday in Melbourne but not in other states. The Melbourne Cup has grown to be a major event for Australian culture and the economy, with millions of dollars being bet on the race each year.

Melbourne Cup is also known as the “race that stops a nation” due to its popularity. It regularly attracts more than 100,000 people on Melbourne Cup Day and can attract more than 400,000 people over the 4-day Melbourne Cup Carnival.

History of the Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup has been taking place since 1861 and the race itself is 3,200 meters long. The race starts at 3 pm on the first Tuesday of November each year, and it usually takes place on the first Tuesday of November. It is open for horses three years old and over.

The first public holiday for Melbourne Cup was in 1877, which is also the year that the race was first held. It was a day off for all Victorian workers and their families. The first Melbourne Cup was held in 1861 and was won by Archer. A horse bolted prior to the start and three horses fell during that race.

Prize money

The Melbourne Cup is one of the richest horse races in the world. The prize money for the Melbourne Cup in 2022 is $8 million and the winner will receive $4.4 million.


Ticket prices for the Melbourne Cup start from $90.75 for adults. General admission tickets give patrons access to all the general public areas on Melbourne Cup Day but if you’re looking to purchase a reserved seat on Melbourne Cup Day, then ticket prices start from $238.60.

Certain sections of the course will sell out leading up to race day. The Melbourne Cup birdcage is a section where celebrities, entrepreneurs, and other famous people watch the Melbourne Cup and party.

Fashions on the field

People like to dress up for Melbourne Cup events and parties. Fashions on the Field is a fashion show that takes place during the Melbourne Cup. The event has been running for more than 10 years and it showcases clothes from various designers. The event also features celebrities and models. Before the Melbourne Cup, Advanced Australia Fair and Waltzing Matilda are usually played.

Melbourne Cup Sweeps

Employees in Australia often organize office sweeps for the Melbourne Cup, and as a social event, the sweep becomes the focus of the day’s festivities. A Melbourne Cup sweep is a lucky draw competition. The names of every horse racing in the Melbourne Cup will be drawn out at random by a group of people. Typically, people must pay to enter the competition and that money goes towards the prize for the first, second, and third place.

There is a maximum of 24 horses starting in the race. If everyone will pay $1 for each horse that is drawn, this would give you a total prize pool of $24. But If everyone will pay $20 for each horse that is drawn, this would give you a total prize pool of $480.

The prize pool is then divided between first, second, and third-place winners. The first place wins 60% of the total prize. The second place wins 30% of the total prize. The third place wins 10% of the total prize.

Phar Lap

Visitors can see the statue of Phar Lap at Flemington racecourse. Phar Lap was a champion New Zealand-bred thoroughbred racehorse who is widely considered New Zealand’s greatest racehorse ever. Phar Lap won the Melbourne Cup in 1930 and was the first horse to win the cup twice. People in Australia and visitors can also see the Phar Lap’s mounted hide at the Melbourne Museum.

Animal Cruelty

But not everyone is a fan of the Melbourne Cup. In 2019, people protested against the event because of the mistreatment of horses in the Australian racing industry. Whips are used on horses, but they cause pain and injury to the horses. Horses are usually euthanized after a serious injury.


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