Judge orders man to pay ex-wife $328k for 25 years of housework

Judge orders man to pay ex-wife $328k for 25 years of housework

A judge ordered a man to give his ex-wife over $300,000 because she did a lot of work around the house during their 25-year marriage. The woman raised their two daughters, cleaned their home, and helped with their businesses, but her ex-husband did not share his money with her. When they got divorced in 2020, she was left with nothing. The judge decided that she deserved to be paid for all the work she did over the years.



Discussion Questions

  1. Should housework be considered a paid job?
  2. Is it fair for one partner in a marriage to be the sole breadwinner while the other does unpaid domestic work?
  3. Should the law recognise unpaid domestic work as a contribution to marital assets?
  4. Is it fair for a spouse to be left with nothing after a long marriage and unpaid domestic work?
  5. Should domestic work be split equally between partners in a marriage?
  6. Should domestic work be quantified and compensated for during divorce proceedings?
  7. Should the court take into account unpaid domestic work when dividing marital assets in a divorce settlement?
  8. Is it ethical for one partner to benefit from the unpaid domestic work of the other in a marriage?

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