Reading. Sarah

This is Sarah. Her full name is Sarah Jones. She is 59 years old. She is married with two sons and one daughter.  She lives in Melbourne and her children live in Sydney.

Sarah was born in Sydney. Her great-grandmother was Aboriginal, but Sarah does not speak the aboriginal language.                        

Sarah works in South Melbourne. Every morning, she catches the bus to work. She always gets to work very early because she doesn’t like crowded buses. Sometimes Sarah goes out for a walk at lunchtime, and she has a glass of cold water.

At the weekend, Sarah goes to the gym. She picks up her friends from their homes and drives them to the gym in her car. Then she takes them home again. Sarah is very friendly and loves helping people.

Next year, Sarah will retire from work. She and her husband will travel around Australia. First, they will drive to Sydney to visit their children. Then they will go to Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, and Alice Springs.

Sarah will have a good time because she likes camping and fishing.

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