Melbourne Sky Deck

A Trip to Melbourne Sky Deck

Last Saturday, Steve went to Melbourne Sky Deck with his family. In the morning, he went to St Albans Train Station by car. He didn’t have credit on his Myki card, so he had to top it up.

They went on platform one and caught the 9.24 train to Flinders Street station. The weather was sunny, and the sky was clear and blue. It was a lovely day to go out.

Before getting on the train, he touched his Myki card. On the train, he chatted with his wife Sarah while his daughter Reema, was reading a book.

They reached Flinders Street station at 9.55. The doors opened and they got out of the train. Then, they took the elevator to exit the train station. On the way out, Steve touched off his Myki card and walked towards Melbourne Sky Deck.

They walked for about 20 minutes and arrived at Melbourne Sky Deck at approximately 10.30. Melbourne Sky Deck is one of the tallest buildings in Australia. It has 91 floors. On the way, they took some lovely photos of the Yarra River.

First, they bought tickets. It costs $20 per person. They paid by credit card. Then, they took the elevator. Reema was scared of heights and didn’t want to go on the elevator. So, Steve told her, “Don’t worry! Everything will be alright!”. It only took them 38 seconds to travel from the ground floor to the 88th floor! That was incredible!

When they got out of the elevator on the 88th floor, they were amazed by what they saw! They were about 300 metres above the ground, and everything looked smaller. Reema was so happy that she overcame her fear. She was proud of herself.

Steve took pictures with Sarah and Reema on his phone. They also took some selfies. Then, Steve used binoculars and viewfinders to spot Melbourne landmarks such as the MCG, Port Phillip Bay, and the Royal Botanic Gardens.   After that, he ordered a coffee from the kiosk, sat down, and enjoyed the panoramic view. They stayed there for about 40 minutes. It was time for lunch.

They went to the food court for lunch because of the wide variety of food. Steve ordered fish and chips, but his wife and daughter ordered pasta. It was a delicious meal. After that, they ordered a coffee and ice cream. They were all delighted.

Finally, they walked back to Flinders Street station and caught the train to St Albans. It was a wonderful day.

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